Refractory Installation Equipment

For more than twenty years, Gradmatic Equipment has significantly influenced the foundry industry by introducing innovative technology to line coreless induction furnaces with dry, refractory materials. Specializing in refractory installation, our product primarily focuses on improving the industrial furnace lining process for worker safety and efficiency.

Invented by Gradmatic Equipment’s founder, Ayton Grady, the Gradmatic Refractory Installation and Vibration System is a mechanism designed to eliminate problems associated with conventional industrial lining methods. In traditional factories, the process of manual foundry lining is an extremely difficult and tedious process. Not only is the manual labor exhausting, the total manpower needed to complete this endeavor renders this task unpopular for workers and management.

Recognizing this unpleasant fact, Grady created an apparatus with the explicate intention of thwarting these issues. The custom designed, four-stage system virtually automates the lining and vibration processes, diminishing standard problems such as worker fatigue, hazardous silica exposure, and increased labor costs.

Factories utilizing this device have seen remarkable results. Surveys of foundries using the system reported air samples for silica tested four to ten times below OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) permissible exposure levels. This has had the benevolent effect of improving worker safety. Furthermore, the average foundry lining life has significantly increased, resulting in amplified productivity, while decreasing the size of the workforce needed. All of these factors have coalesced to create a safer, more efficient industrial work environment.