Form Centering Tool for Furnace Lining Installation & Replacement

Centering the Furnace Form using Gradmatic InstaCentr ToolsForm Center Tool for Furnace Lining Replacement

A set of three spacing tools are used during the furnace lining installation accurately during the install in about 10 minutes. For furnaces 12 metric tons or larger, four tools are required.

The furnace form is lowered by hoist and suspended approximately 2 inches (50 mm) from the furnace bottom allowing it to move easily within the circumference. Each tool is suspended around the circumference of the form and is individually adjusted to obtain uniform spacing between the form and coil using the measuring device on the tools handle. Once all tools are set at equal distance, the form is centered for its entire length and lowered to the furnace floor. The tools are then closed and removed.

Furnace Lining & Equipment Replacement

Conventionally, the procedure is largely one of trial and error often resulting in poor form centering. This can produce irregular wall thickness potentially leading to premature wear and failure.