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Refractory Installation System

Refractory Installation System (RIS):

Induction Furnace Heating Equipment

  • 25 kg bags of refractory are replaced with bulk bags of material to load the hopper; eliminating back injury and carpal tunnel syndrome from continuous forking
  • Maximum of 2 workers operate the equipment regardless of furnace size; saves labor costs.
  • Furnaces (in particular larger furnaces) are lined faster than manual linings
  • 2 inches (50 mm) of material is added per rotation with uninterrupted forking for a denser lining; promoting longer lining life.
  • Longer lining life requires fewer annual linings and cost savings.
  • Longer lining life also produces higher tonnage per campaign
  • Customer’s with furnaces ranging 1-4 tons reported 23% average increased lining life
  • Air samples for respirable silica produced results at or below OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Level of 50µg/m³. for environmental protection of workers
  • Gradmatic can manufacture a system to line multiple furnace sizes

For more information on advantages, see technical paper