RIS: Induction Furnace Heating Equipment

Lining furnace sidewalls with the Refractory Installation System (RIS)

RIS - Refractory Installation SystemThe Refractory Installation System (RIS) furnace equipment performs two functions: it simultaneously dispenses dry refractory between the furnace wall and form and automatically deaerates the material. This results in an evenly distributed, dense lining and very low respirable silica dust levels. Only two workers operate the machine, regardless of furnace size.

The RIS is placed on top of the centered form by hoist. Bulkbags of material are lowered into the hopper and the release spout is freed. The empty sack is removed and the lid is closed.

The machine is engaged and rotates around the form, creating a layer of material between 2  and 2 1/2 inches deep. Simultaneously, each layer is deaerated at a rate of approximately 400 strokes per revolution using dual forks. The fork tines penetrate to a depth of 4 inches, penetrating each layer at least twice, effectively mixing the layers and providing optimum pre-compaction. The hopper is refilled as necessary and the process repeated to the top of the form. The RIS can be adjusted to line various size furnaces having different diameters.

Induction Heating Equipment InstallationGradmatic can build a system for furnaces as small as 2 tons (20 inch diameter form) and as large as 70 tons.

Conventional, manual installation is both labour intensive and dangerous, particularly with respect to silica dust and back injury. Lining consistency is difficult to achieve with both layering of material and uninterrupted deaeration.